The Sugar Street Studio Fire incident occurred in the 90s, killing four actors and movie crews in the studio while shooting for the never-finished movie, Sunset.

For safety reasons, Sugar Street Studio was shut down and has been abandoned for years. The property was sold a few years ago. The buyer then began the reconstruction process. During the reconstruction, some workers reported that they heard people screeching. After renovation, staff who work in that building regularly report that they see a lady in red hiding within the building, especially near the make-up station. With so many reported cases, Sugar Street Studio is considered the scariest movie production studio in Hong Kong.

  • 60 death experience
  • 4 people in a group
  • Created by the local production team
  • Immersive plot promotes role substitution

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After the experience, enjoy the HK Horror Movie to unveil the truth (by Director Sunny Lau )

After playing the horror movie experience hall, understanding the art of movie no longer limited to "watch the movie." Just watching a story may be weak, but combined with a horror movie experience, each part is a puzzle of the story, and the audience will The puzzle integration is complete, and the whole story becomes fun.

Sugar Street Studios is only the starting point for Hong Kong film experiments. Whether it succeeds depends on how you and the people of Hong Kong participate. I hope that "Sugar Street Studios" can create an alternative way for Hong Kong movies.

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