About Us

Everything in the world is often buried in a dark side. I heard that people tend to like things that can inspire our dark side.
This invisible "other side" has become a shadow in your heart, and has evolved into "ghosts", "fears", "positive energy and negative energy", "legends", "gods and Buddhas"...
Darkness is the beginning of a new life, neither you nor I can hide or reject it.
Sugar Street Studios-Meet the "other you" and re-recognize this familiar but untouchable energy.

[ Vie-won-won ] - Store
Respect ghosts and gods, seek bliss and meditation
[Vie-won-won]-Interpreted as non-scientifically explainable powers or theories of ghosts and gods
 Vie-won-won's products are divided into two types that are polar and harmonious: ancient spirits and spirits; cleansing body and mind.
Taking the balance of yin and yang, the space full of infantile thinking also takes care of the needs of the soul.

[ Vie-won-won ] - Restaurant
The enjoyment of the hidden world liberates the dead soul
Located in the downtown area of ​​Causeway Bay, Vie-won-won is a restaurant full of mystery. The retro mansion style with colorful furnishings and skeleton paintings seems to have entered a strange space.
It serves different innovative fusion dishes and exquisite desserts, and also organizes funny and interesting events from time to time.

Sugar Street Studio
The first 5D movie experience hall in Hong Kong Struggling in the dark 60-minute death experience
The film experience center team is composed of film practitioners from different fields. Discover the horrible history and dark side of different character events.
This experience hall is for making movies, so that Hong Kong’s entertainment and movies have more levels of discussion, so that the whole thing should not be too monolithic.
How exactly is a movie defined, and does it have to happen on the screen?
There may be some parts of this experience. You will feel that you are watching a performance. Increasing entertainment will make Hong Kong people more willing to invest, and even audiences will be more willing to spend on products in Hong Kong.